“I want every woman to unashamedly set out to make an absolute goddamn f*cking sh*t-ton of money.”

– cindy gallop



About frag you, Pay me


Frag You, Pay Me is a collection of resources resulting from the successful GDC 2019 talk “Frag You, Pay Me: Getting Started with Salary Negotiation”.

Information on this site has been provided by a variety of individuals, and is updated periodically on an ad-hoc, volunteer basis. While this site is focused primarily around the video game industry, many of the resources here apply across industries.

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Salary comparisons

Cost of living resources


Minute Zero in the Gender Pay Gap, by Tarah Wheeler

One of the best places to start in upping your negotiation game! This post provides insight on why you should never name a number first, and some fantastic, practical scripts for dealing with the question when it comes up. More info can be found in the book by the same author, Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice & Inspiring Stories.(Amazon Link)